Services offered and prices

The following are services offered during Covid 19. As at 30/7/20. I have discussed and agreed our risk assessment and numbers with our MP to ensure we are meeting requirements. 

Outdoor classes:

Two trainers with up to 8 dogs with two people for each dog. Our risk assessment suggests two people in a family bubble per dog, as this reduces risks of Covid spread as bubbles should not need to meet other bubbles. With two people in a bubble, recall can be practiced between you. If you are only one person, you can still come but there are special procedures that we need to follow to ensure your's and our safety. If you would like to bring more people, this is most likely possible. but please check as we must ensure the numbers are less than 30 due to Covid 19 restrictions. 

The outdoor space is vast and we aim to ensure the there is 12 feet between people at all times. There are special measures, which are included in our terms and conditions.

We offer two lengths of outdoor class, 3 weeks, or six weeks.

3 weeks puppy class with focus on social, loose lead walking, and recall (minimum). £48.00

3 weeks novice/intermediate class (you should already have attended the three weeks puppy course) with focus on social, recall from increasing distractions, stay, leave and loose lead heel walking.

6 weeks puppy class, which is a full training programme including social. £90.00

6 weeks continuing classes (Intermediate/advanced), full training programme up to advanced. £80.00.


Zoom classes £80.00 for six weeks (5 to a class).

Not all people like the risk of in person classes during the Covid 19 pandemic. We developed live online classes via Zoom and found them exceptionally good. In fact, better than indoor village hall classes and outdoor classes for training. Of course, it does not give you socialisation, but we have a unit on socialisation and canine body language that will ensure that you feel comfortable with managing social exposure for your puppy. There are only five in a class as opposed to 8 so more quality time spent training too. 

You can attend outdoor classes as well if you feel comfortable to. Some people have really enjoyed doing training live online supported with the outdoor practical and puppy social sessions. Some have been happy just to do online. We have had clients attend outdoor classes who are shielding as it is far safer than even going to the supermarket due to space and procedures. There is such a great deal of space and we can manage vast social distancing if necessary. Especially on the three weeks class. More difficult to do this if we are training new activities though in the longer courses.  


Zoom 121 sessions £40.00 per hour (£20 for half an hour). Pre Covid 19 the rate was £50.00 per hour as this factored in time spent driving. 

I suggest the first session should be one hour and following sessions are just half an hour. All you need is a puppy/dog, a device and wifi and you are ready to go! 


The benefits of Zoom.

Zoom has really created many fabulous opportunities to:

Improve the training experience for the dogs and the clients

Reduce carbon emissions by clients and trainers not having to drive

Reducing expense as no fuel costs to get there

Enabling the whole family to join

Great for people who are shy and don't like mixing with others

Enable me to offer half hour sessions as I do not have to justify driving for 2 hours to attend a one hour training session. This is usually better for you and your puppy/dog as short sessions are better than long sessions.




Refund Policy:

Classes- Prior to course starting. Due to the overheads associated with running classes we require 5 full business days notice to cancel a course before the start date. A handling fee of £15.00 will be incurred. As we have limited availability, once the course is fully booked we lose further possibility of bookings. Please make sure you give us as much notice as possible to help us keep our prices down.

Classes - Prior to course starting. If you give us less than the required 5 days notice and we are able to fill your space, you will receive a full refund minus the £15.00 handling fee. If we are unable to fill the space, then no refund will be given. 

Classes: Courses are NOT transferable. It is not possible to transfer onto another course unless you have advised us at least 5 days prior to the start of the course you have been booked on. If we are able to fill your space then we can offer a transfer to another course if we have spaces with no further cost. This will only be offered once. If we are unable to fill your space with less than 5 days notice, no refund or transfer will be given. 

Classes - During course. If you need to cancel the course during the course refunds will be handled on a case by case basis. Refunds are not generally given unless your dog has become ill, or passed away. Sadly, this does occasionally occur and we will refund the remainder of the course with no handling fee. If your dog is ill, we may request a letter from your vet before processing a refund.

Classes -  we state in our terms and conditions that dogs must not show aggression to people or dogs and we offer alternative arrangements for these dogs. We also suggest that dogs who bark a lot at people or dogs might not be appropriate candidates for a class environment. If it transpires that your dog might not be appropriate for classes, and it was obvious they would not have (i.e they are already showing these behaviours outside the hall), we may request that you do not attend and will not refund the course. If you knowingly book a reactive dog into class, you will have prevented someone else from booking the space and this could have an impact on the viability of running our classes.  If it becomes clear that your dog is struggling in class but that we feel it is possible/likely you could not have anticipated this, a refund for classes not attended will be offered minus handling fee. 

Classes - females in season. It is not appropriate to bring a female in season to classes. Please let us know when this happens. We suggest booking the next available course without making payment and then we will offset the missed sessions against the cost of the next course. Then you should pay the balance when we know how many sessions your dog will have missed.

Behaviour and private training: The very nature of this work means that we will have delivered our service prior to receiving payment so refunds are not possible. We are vulnerable to the ability for someone to receive this service and not pay as we are unable to receive the service back. This is why, for our own financial protection, we request 50% of payment prior to the consultation with the remaining 50% on the day of the consultation. If payment is not made after the consultation, we will contact you to request payment. If payment is persistently not forthcoming we will take cases to the small claims course for non payment. 


Complaints procedure:

Thankfully, complaints are extremely rare indeed. But, if you are unhappy with the service we offer you should follow this process:

1) Contact us via the contact details shown on our Contact Us page letting us know the nature of your complaint immediately you start to feel unhappy. 

2) We would appreciate the opportunity to improve our service and will aim to ensure that our service meets your requirements. 

3) If we are unable to meet your requirements and yet it was clearly stated in our terms and Conditions and website information that this would be the degree of service provided, no refund will be given.

4) If your complaint is valid and we did not meet our service levels as shown in our terms and conditions and website, a refund will be given for the remaining sessions that you will not be attending.