Puppy Visits

Online live puppy consultations are now available. Contact me for more information.
When you have a new puppy it can be very daunting. Many bad habits can be learned before your puppy is able to attend a puppy course. I offer home visits for those who feel they need more guidance and support prior to attending puppy classes.  The types of questions most people need help with are:

  1. Sleep routines

  2. Fearful puppies (urgently needs to be addressed)

  3. Bonding issues

  4. Feeding problems

  5. Early aggression (surprisingly common and should not be ignored)

  6. Puppy biting and chasing the children (very distressing for children and best resolved asap)

  7. Toilet training

  8. How to keep your puppy entertained before he can go outside for walks

  9. Early training


It is so often better to avoid getting into bad habits rather than to have to re-train later. If you would like me to come to you for a home visit please do give me a call on 01202 861340. I can only see you if you are within 10 miles of Ferndown. 

Cost is £75.00 and visits usually last 1.5 hours. 

We can also arrange consultations prior to purchasing your puppy or rescue dog.