Private dog training

Private training is now available via Zoom. This is live and training plans and coaching are set online. 

I am also now able to offer 121 training at Ferndown. 

Not all dogs will respond well in a class setting. Also for some people who work shifts it may not be possible to attend all sessions on a course. I am able to offer one to one training appointments in these cases. We train you the skills to train your dog so that you have the skills to take the relationship with your dog forward without further training from us. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between training and behaviour so the following is an idea of what can be covered in a one to one training session:

  • Poor manners greeting visitors indoors and outdoors (e.g jumping up)

  • General training, e.g, sit, down, stand, leave, give, retrieve, recall, emergency stop, basic scent work

  • Walking nicely on a lead

  • Loutish behaviour! E.g. not doing as requested, over excitable behaviour.

  • Recall, e.g. when a dog does not come back when called because he is off playing with other dogs etc. However, this does not cover predatory chase (chasing livestock, hunting behaviours etc), this is much more complicated and comes under behaviour counselling.


Private training rates £40.00 per hour online or at Ferndown. Due to traffic volume, unless you are very local, I am unable to do home visits.