Online puppy and dog training classes

Covid 19 can’t stop you training your puppy or dog!

When Covid 19 hit and we were locked down, my first thought was that we would not be able to help people to socialise or train their puppies or dogs. Then I realised we could do this online. Honestly, I was sceptical. Clients who had booked onto our regular classes agreed to transfer into our live online classes.  To my amazement, clients are reaching far higher standards of training than they did in our practical classes. Why?

Less distraction - puppies and their humans are more relaxed at home and don’t  have to worry about other puppies and people in the class.

I can deliver demonstrations in a way that everyone sees the same demo from the same perspective. Clients can control the volume so everyone gets to hear and see the demonstration clearly.

I am delivering demonstrations in a way that ensures all learning styles are catered for. This is something not so easily done in a regular dog training class.

I am working with only four in a group. I spend quality time coaching each person. I have had to hone my coaching skills as I can’t just demonstrate with the client’s dog. This is far superior instruction.

Clients receive the training where they like. Indoors, in the garden, during a dog walk. Their choice.

I see the puppy’s real behaviour. They do things at home they don’t do in class. I can help clients to problem solve real time.

Although a major factor is lacking - puppy socialisation- and it’s true, you won’t get actual socialisation for your puppy. What you will get us something I can’t give in practical puppy classes. However, I am an expert in reading canine body language. I provide vital canine body language training where clients get to develop and hone their skills. Without these skills, puppy owners can’t hope to socialise their puppies safely. After Covid 19, puppy owners will really need these skills. You will be learning these skills during our online classes. 

After lockdown, I will be working with local clients with practical sessions. We are in uncharted territory. We will work carefully to ensure the puppies’ first social experiences are properly controlled so that the puppies can build up their confidence carefully. 

So, if you have a puppy or dog that you need to train, try our online classes. You will be hard pushed to find better.