Dog Training Classes

Online live, Ferndown, St Leonards and St Ives, Wimborne

Online live coached puppy and dog training classes are now available from your desk. Highly effective for training your puppy/dog learns very quickly because there is no distraction, they feel safe and secure at home, owners feel comfortable, online pre recorded videos enable all to see the same demonstration from the same angle, clients can turn uo the volume or use headphones if hard of hearing. Small classes of just four enables high quality 1212 training to be delivered in the comfort of your own home. No worrying about driving in the dark. or meeting people you don't know. 

Our in person puppy training classes and dog training classes are in Ferndown (near Bournemouth),  St Leonards and St Ives (near Ringwood) and Wimborne. We are family friendly and welcome young handlers too.

For every four clients we will have one trainer (with occasional exceptions), so we have a high trainer to client ratio offering you a really supportive experience. 

Our lead trainers all have dog training qualifications and many years experience. Most of our assistant trainers also hold dog training or animal behaviour qualifications. 

Our classes are easily reached from Bournemouth, Bearwood, Poole, Branksome, Creekmore, Broadstone, Oakdale, Christchurch, Wimborne, Verwood, Three Legged Cross, West Moors, Ringwood, Blandford, Alderholt, Fordingbridge, Winton, Kinson, Blandford. Many of our clients come from the Dorchester area. 

About our Puppy Classes and Dog Training Classes

All our puppy and dog training classes are run using kind and effective techniques and we offer you progression right through from 8 weeks until advanced and you can keep on coming until you want to finish. We provide training on teaching your beloved pup life skills as well as how to effectively deter your dog's unwanted behaviour without causing pain or fear, and how to encourage the behaviours you do want to see.  We also show you how to fade the use of treats to improve the training results. We help you to socialise your puppy safely and carefully whilst showing you what good socialisation actually is. We help you to prepare your puppy for their life ahead including handling them for veterinary visits etc. Puppy socialisation in our indoor classes is mainly done on lead so that timid puppies don't learn to become fearful and over boisterous puppies don't learn to become bullies! We teach them how to pay you attention (even in distraction) and how they should interact with other puppies to avoid problems later. We are known for running calm classes in which dogs and people find it easier to learn. 

The puppy training course is really good fun and covers the following over a 6 week period.

Learn how to settle

Basic obedience (sit, down, stand, heel walk, meeting and greeting, recall, drop, leave etc).

Puppy emotional and social development

Sociable play (controlled and on lead)

Meeting and greeting with good manners

Overcoming existing problems

Habituation (getting used to new things)

Problem prevention

About Continuation Classes -  

 Novice, intermediate, advanced classes.

General obedience to a higher standard working towards kennel Club bronze/silver and gold standards.

Zero impact fun agility. Impact agility (jumps, A frame, dog walk etc) should be avoided indoors as it is damaging to the joints.

Impulse control training

New obedience tasks at intermediate level and above (send away, retrieve, emergency stop, leave moving targets, group recall, scent retrieval, display work etc)

Closer off lead heel work at intermediate and above

Closer interaction with other dogs on lead (all levels)

Comprehensive training manuals with homework plans

We run regular Kennel Club test sessions for those who wish to participate. These are held on Saturday afternoons at Stapehill Village Hall. You do not have to do the test, it is only for those who wish to.

Outdoor Classes

Indoor classes are not necessarily suitable for all dogs, nor do they help with all training requirements as dogs learn in a context specific way. So to accommodate these requirements we also offer:

Puppy play dates. Single sessions with the aim of providing supervised socialisation for young puppies.

Outdoor puppy classes - these are for puppies up to the age of 6 months. There will be a focus on important lessons such as playing sociably, walking nicely on lead, not jumping up and how to recall in a safe fenced space. We will also be working off lead and providing an emphasis on supervised social play opportunities. Therefore, it is vital that puppies on this course have not shown aggression towards other dogs please.

Outdoor intermediate classes - more advanced obedience in an outdoor, but safely fenced setting.

Recall masterclass - these classes are entirely focused on teaching good recall. Dogs should be friendly with other dogs as we aim to recall dogs from each other.

Outdoor fun and games - in these classes we focus on pure fun! Some basic agility, tricks, and freestyle activities.