Dog Training Classes

Holt, Wimborne


Outdoor Classes

Indoor classes are not necessarily suitable for all dogs, nor do they help with all training requirements as dogs learn in a context specific way. So to accommodate these requirements we offer:

Puppy play dates. Single sessions with the aim of providing supervised socialisation for young puppies.

Outdoor puppy classes - these are for puppies up to the age of 6 months. There will be a focus on important lessons such as playing sociably, walking nicely on lead, not jumping up and how to recall in a safe fenced space. We will also be working off lead and providing an emphasis on supervised social play opportunities. Therefore, it is vital that puppies on this course have not shown aggression towards other dogs please.

Outdoor intermediate classes - more advanced obedience in an outdoor, but safely fenced setting.


Private training via Zoom

In person training is not for everyone. In some cases the dog becomes highly distracted when the trainer is present. Zoom based training is highly effective as live coaching can be delivered wherever you can get a 4g or wifi signal. Zoom also enables greater flexibility of times offered and can be from half an hour. Shorter sessions are usually best for the dog but in person sessions are usually offered from an hour due to the time taken to get there. Why pay for travel time when you can just pay for time needed? You know a trainer can do it, it is our job to teach YOU how to do it. Whether I am with you in person or not, I coach YOU how to do the training.