Dog Training and behaviour qualifications

Because we care about the service we offer you

I believe that to bring our clients the best service possible that it is essential to ensure we are up to date with current methods and scientific knowledge. All lead trainers have dog training qualifications and we attend regular CPD sessions etc. The courses that we attend are of the highest quality received from professionals at the top of this field. These courses are an investment which we make to bring you the best service possible. Denise Nuttall is the only member of Paws In Hand who is a qualified and experienced behaviourist and has been in practice since 2004.

In addition, we subscribe to the code of conduct prescribed by the ABTC It is hoped by professional dog behaviourists that this will become compulsory so that dog behaviourists are regulated by law in the interests of animal welfare and also the welfare of dog owners who require help with their dogs!

Here is the list of qualifications and courses attended:


(Denise's specialist subject is working with aggression and anxieties)

Denise Nuttall has completed:

So You Want to be a Pet Behaviourist- (2002)

Think Dog Advanced- a course looking at dog behaviour and training (2003)

Dip (CABT) Coape. An advanced diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (residential) (2004)

Advanced Pharmacology COAPE (2008)

B.Sc (Hons) 2:1  Applied Animal Behaviour at Portsmouth University (graduated 2010)

APBC Study Day and supervised case (2009)

APBC supervised case (2010)

COAPE conference and study weekend (residential) (May 2011)

Canine Communication I Masterclass with Sarah Whitehead (June 2011)

Dog-Dog Aggression Masterclass with Sarah Whitehead (Oct 2011)

Canine Communication II Masterclass with Sarah Whitehead (Nov 2011)

Scent workshop with Pam McKinnon (20/05/12)

Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT) a course on aggression with Grisha Stewart (2/3 rd June 2012) (residential)

Puppy Life Skills APBC Webinar with Helen Zulch (June 2012)

Sex and Hormones Masterclass with Sarah Whitehead Masterclass (17/08/12)

Dr. Nicholas Dodman internationally renowned veterinary behaviourist 2 day seminar (08/10/12) (residential)

Ringcraft workshop with Lou Garton, show handler of the year 2010 (7/12/12)

Competition obedience 1 day workshop with Brian Reed, obedience judge and top class competitor 20/01/13

18/04/13 Behaviour Beyond Behaviourism Professor Daniel Mills (Webinar)

27/28th April 2013 Reactive Dogs workshop with Brenda Aloff  international expert on canine body language and aggression. 

30/06/13 Competition Obedience Workshop, Brian Reed

26/7/13 Calming Signals or Something Else- Sarah Whitehead Master Class

03/09/13 The Mechanics and Skills of a behaviour Consultation- Kendal Shepherd, Dangerous Dogs Expert.

7/8th September  2013 2 day Emily Larlham intensive Clicker training practical

15/03/14 APBC Conference including a seminar on German Shepherd dog behaviour.

16/03/14 Rise Van Fleet author of The Human Half of Dog Training lecture

14/05/14 and 15/05/14 - Two day practical tracking course with Pat Tagg, German Shepherd dog expert.

21/05/14 Half day Course in Amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) effective 14/05/14 by Trevor Cooper, UK Dog Law Expert.

02/06/14 Freestyle dog training with Richard Curtis, heel work to music and freestyle European Champion.

October 2014- 2016  Masters in Research Science in Canine Cognition at Portsmouth University.

19/03/15 The Myths About Dog-Dog communication Webinar, Sarah Whitehead. 

22/04/15 Treating the Patient not the Problem- Helen Zulch APBC webinar

27/07/15 Injecting Fun into Dog Training Classes - Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Nando Brown

Success with Separation Anxiety 5/10/15 - APBC Webinar Malena DeMartini

23/10/15 Sarah Whitehead Master class- Dog to Dog Play, what's OK what's not OK?

03/11/15 Dog law seminar, Trevor Cooper of UK Dog Law.

13/02/16 - The Science of Sniffer Dogs two day seminar with Dr. Simon Gadbois

05/03/16 - Canine Emotions and Cognition: A multi-topic seminar on all aspects of canine emotions and cognition. Dr. Adam Miklosi two day seminar

19/9/16 (recorded) Building Resilience in Dogs, ASPCA. Dr Patricia McConnell

27/09/16 - Aspects of Aggression and Frustration. APBC webinar presented by Helen Zulch.

7/10/16- EPIC course (handler) - Self Control training in dogs run by Pauline Jackson

14/10/16 -  Passed Master in Research Science with distinction (Dog cognition and Forensic Psychology) - University of Portsmouth.

3/12/16 - APDT Assessor Training - Denise passed her training and is an APDT membership assessor. 

16/1 and 17/1 Level 1 tracking with Pat Tagg (a refresher course to train Lily in tracking)

03/04/17 Understanding the role of emotional motivations in problem behaviour in dogs and cats: Sarah Heath The Webinar Vet.

30/04/17 The APBC Conference: Keep Calm and Carry On.

24 and 25th June 2017 - The Dog Bite Conference

27/09/17 Noise Related Anxiety in Dogs and How to Manage it. Jon Bowen.

01/10/17 The TCBTS Conference: The Nose Knows

Success with Clients, Part 1. APBC webinar, Sara Davies. 31/10/17

Success with Clients, Part 2. APBC webinar, Sara Davies. 10/11/2017

Update on Resource Guarding. 1 day course. Dr. Muriel Brasseur 26/5/18

Rethinking Socialisation for Puppies. Webinar, 1 hour. Dr. Sarah Whitehead 05/08/18

TCBTS Conference - Dogs have emotions too. Speakers: Sian Ryan and Jane Ardern. 7/10/18

Constructing a Training Plan Using Operant Conditioning. Dr. Sara Davies, APBC Webinar. Attended 13/12/18

Impulsivity in the dog -Assessment and Clinical Applications. Prof. Daniel Mills, APBC webinar. Attended 16/12/18

Constructing a Training Plan Using Classical Conditioning. Dr. Sara Davies, APBC Webinar. Attended 13/01/19

ACTION 3 day conference 29/8/19 - 1/9/19. A conference covering implications of trauma in puppies and dogs. 

TCBTS conference 7/10/19 Canine Aggression and Predation with Sarah Whitehead and Sarah Fisher. Perspectives and Practical Solutions.

Dog First Aid and Emergency Canine Care by Dog First Aid 25/11/19

7/6/20 APBC virtual conference 1 day

Feb 2021 Social Pain in Dogs Frank McMillan

Understanding autism, Asperger’s and ADHD. University of Durham. Feb-March 2021

APBC conference 7/6/21.

APBC Vet conference - Growing Pains 26/9/21

TCBTS conference. Identifying traumatised dogs and how to support them. Debbie Busby and Amber Batson. 17/10/21 and 7/11/21

Phantom pregnancy: The Silent Killer. Sara Davis 5/12/21

Cognitive dysfunction in dogs and cats. Lore Haug 6/12/21

Trauma informed behaviour consultations and treatment plans. Rachel Leather. 8/12/21

Dogs and carbs: It's complicated. Linda Case. 15/12/21

Crossing the anxiety barrier. Navigating the mental health issues of the owner. Lori Deleo. 18/12/21

Adolescent dogs. Dr Naomi Harvey 19/12/21

Settling in traumatised dogs part 1. Drax. Natalie Light. 4/1/22

A case of Drax's galactic adventure. Natalie Light. 4/1/22

Being an expert witness. It's not just about the law. Dr Anne McBride. 10/01/22

Understanding and managing street dogs. Roz Pooley. 15/2/22