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Dog behaviour expert on BBC radio Solent 

I am Denise Nuttall M.Res (Master's degree in Research Science - with distinction - Dog Cognition and Forensic Psychology), B.Sc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour; Dip CABT (Coape) and the founder of Paws In Hand Dog Training and Behaviour®. I started life living on a farm. When I moved on from an investment banking career, people thought it was a dramatic change. In fact, the weirdest thing was that I was a banker in the first place. I always wanted to be a vet! 

Early on I started out helping friends with their problem pooches. Increasingly it became obvious to me that life was going to be about helping people to live happy lives with their dogs and I became a dog behaviourist! I completed the Advanced Diploma of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training run by the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology in 2004 (www.capbt.org ) and it was like removing a blindfold!

Then I applied to become a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The APDT promotes rewards based training and prohibits the use of punishment. In order to become a member trainers are physically assessed to ensure that they meet the prescribed standards. I was pleased to be accepted in 2005 and my membership number is MAPDTUK00963.

Since engaging in academic study and with the experience of helping to train in excess of 10,000 dogs over the years, most training and behaviour problems are very clear to me and in most cases I can help people to very quickly restore the equilibrium in their household. Some more complex problems will take longer. Whilst I was working in investment banking I learned how to communicate very effectively with people and also how people learn best. As a result I can help people quickly because I understand how people and dogs learn. Also, I KNOW what it's like having a dog which is out of control and behaving very badly... including biting! So, if you want to talk to someone who really knows how difficult it can be living with a very naughty dog, come and have a chat with me, we can compare stories! I really am very approachable!

I am a full member of the Association of pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and a full member of The Canine Training and Behaviour Society (TCBTS). As a full member of the APBC, most insurance companies will accept my credentials, which means that if your pet insurance includes behaviour therapy, you can claim back the costs of my services.   

Over 11 years ago I started to work with the Waggy Tails dog rescue charity. They are a fantastic group of volunteers dedicated to helping dogs find new homes. Some dogs that arrive in the centre have just had hard luck and ended up there through no fault of their own. Some dogs are a bit naughty and their owners can't cope any more so they end up in rescue. For the dogs in the latter category I support Waggy Tails in rehabilitating them either in the clinic or in their foster homes.

I have regularly appeared as a dog expert guest on BBC Radio Solent where I answer dog behaviour and training questions live on air for about 8 years. I have also been a regular guest on a radio show called Pets Vets and Guests on Talk Radio Europe. I appeared on BBC Inside Out in a feature about aggressive dogs in October, 2012. I have run several lectures for the trainers and behaviourists at Learning About Animals in Guilford: "Interpreting Canine Body Language; Aggression", "Inter dog Aggression in Practice" and "Running the Behaviourally Aware Puppy Party". I have also delivered in house training to Priory Vets in Christchurch and also delivered Running the Behaviourally Aware Puppy Party lecture to Dorchester Veterinary Nursing School.

Our latest dog is Lily, who is another Dalmatian 8 years old. She  passed her bronze, silver and gold Kennel Club Good Citizens awards by the age of 15 months. I have shown Lily from time to time and have been learning the art of ring craft which is harder than it looks and we are learning competition obedience under the direction of the lovely Brian Reed who is a successful competitor and a judge who trains using positive methods. We have also attended Dog Dancing classes with Carol Bentley at Purbeck Dog Dancing school in Sanford. Lily loves every minute of her training and I would go so far as to say training is her favourite pastime even above going for walks and runs. 

Contact me or call me on 01202 861340 or 07764 250554


Hello, I am Martin Nuttall I have been assisting Denise at our Lilliput venue for seven years.  I also assist with our puppy life classes on Saturday’s, recall master classes, and Fun Find and Fetch.I have been working with Denise in Puppy Life Skills for over four years now and have learned a lot. Oh, and I also help answering the phone calls. 

I was lucky enough to have my first Dalmatian at the age of nine.  Sharnie was 18 months old and looking for a good home.  She was a lovely dog and a great friend and lived to the great age of 16 and half.

There has always been a Dalmatian in our household. (I am pictured with our wonderful friend Amy and our son). Lily is our latest and is our fourth dalmatian.

So I have a wealth of experience in keeping dogs.  Also I have picked up a lot of knowledge from Denise whilst she has been studying for her qualifications and whilst assisting in classes with her for 8 years now. Invaluable information without the pain of the exams.

Our classes are informative, friendly and fun. I look forward to working with you and your dog. 

I also paint pet portraits. In my former career I was an illustrator. I love to paint in oils. Here is an example of a commission I did for a client. If you would like a painting of your dog, please do call me for details.








My name is Penny Druitt.

We always had a dog in the family when I was a child, but I did not have my own dog as an adult until my partner and I bought a chocolate Labrador puppy about eight years ago. We called him Charlie. He was a very challenging puppy and it quickly became clear to us that we didn’t know as much about training as we thought and our knowledge of training techniques was very out of date. As a result all three of us became very stressed. That’s how I met Denise and was introduced to reward based training methods. This helped us to turn a corner and start to build a positive relationship with Charlie. We started to attend her puppy classes and carried on through to the advanced classes, even taking part in some training demonstrations at charity dog shows.

It was through my experiences with Charlie that I became interested in positive reward based training and learning about dog behaviour. Denise asked if I would help out at some of her classes and five years later I am still here, assisting on Thursdays and occasionally at other classes. In 2014 I decided to stop pretending that my enthusiasm for training was just a hobby and now work with dogs full time, running my own business as well as working for Paws in Hand. I am a full member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).

I enjoy being able to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained and get enormous satisfaction from helping owners and their dogs to succeed. I look forward to meeting you and your dogs at class.


Hi, I’m Matt and my passion has always been Dogs! I grew up in the New Forest with Border Collies where my interest started. I got involved with dog training approximately 10 years ago, firstly volunteering with a Labrador Rescue Charity which resulted in me fostering some Labs as well as adopting my own Lab ‘Bubba’. Following this I was involved with a local charity which provided Assistance Dogs for 8 years. Within that time I took it to a professional level by attending many seminars, courses, workshops and online courses. To continue my professional development I am currently studying with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) which also involves attending many courses and conferences. I’ve recently been involved in setting up a new venture ‘Helpful Hounds’, heading up a team of trainers which specialise in training assistance dogs - these dogs provide children with Autism, Down Syndrome or physically challenged, support by helping them with a number of tasks including picking up items, emptying the washing machine, opening/closing doors, pushing level crossing buttons to cross roads safely, accessing disabled access etc, assisting in everyday life enabling independence. I’ve trained a number of successful partnerships over the years who are still continuing to help there parntners to this day. I only use the most up to date reward based training which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective method including using toys, food, play, fuss and environmental enrichment. Most of all, this is the most fun for your dog and builds great relationships between you and your furry friend! I've been involved with ‘Paws in Hand’ by originally attending classes as a client with my puppy Golden Retriever ‘Paddy’, about two years ago. I now occasionally assist the other trainers with classes which I very much enjoy. I am also part of the ‘Paws in Hand®’ Display Team with my dog which promotes ‘Paws in Hand®’ at various dog related events across the South Coast.


My name is Harad Burn and I assist the St Leonards venue Saturday classes run by Penny. I always wanted a dog as a child and my wish came true when I was 14 when after a period of being unwell it was recommended by doctors to my family that a dog could help me with being more confident. Therefore we rescued Harry from Beagle Rescue who in his previous home we were told had chewed through several iPods. We spent several years struggling with his ‘naughty’ beagle tendencies and him barking at other dogs. We decided to go to classes with Paws in hand as something fun to do with him and learnt very quickly that he wasn’t naughty instead we did not create an environment to set him up for success. Denise worked with Harry to over come his barking at other dogs which she said was fear based and now in the supportive class setting Harry can cope with coming to classes without barking so long as he’s given plenty of space. We learnt about the yellow dog scheme which has helped us all out incredibly. Having learnt that Harry was worried about other dogs he has also been able to now go comfortably on walks with other dogs he knows and once he was comfortable with this we decided to bring home a little Patterjack puppy to add to our family called Lupin. Lupin is a very lively but also nervous girl who adores people she knows but is worried by people. We took her to puppy parties, novice and intermediate classes with the aim to complete her good citizen awards in the future. Harry and Lupin also enjoy taking part in rally and freestyle rally classes. Denise offered for me to start helping out with classes in 2016 and since then my knowledge of dog training has continued to broaden. I enjoy working with dogs which like Harry are worried around other dogs in classes and to see how each dog flourishes with their owners. I am hoping that in the future I will be able to go on training courses to engage more with dog training but currently I am studying for a law degree. I am unsure what I would like to do after finishing the degree however as a combination of the two areas I would love to work towards being a dog handler for the police force. My other passion is my horse who I have been training for the last two years as when I bought her she had very little experience being ridden. I use a lot of what I have learnt at Paws in Hand with her as well as knowledge I have gained completing Stage 1 in Horse care and management with the British Horse Society and other clinics and demonstrations run by local professionals. If I am not spending time with my dogs I am most likely spending time with my horse.


Hello my name is Magda, I have a passion and love for all animals. When young my parents allowed me to have a wide range of small animals ranging from goldfish to hamsters and guinea-pigs to parrots and even a cat but I wasn’t allowed to have my own dog, despite daily begging. I used to borrow our neighbours’ dogs to play with and walk. Whenever there was a litter of puppies in our town, I would be the first volunteer to socialise them and watch them grow. When I was a little older my parents decided to give me the best gift ever, my first dog, a beautiful 8-week-old black Cocker Spaniel named Nora. She immediately became my best friend and was for the next 16 years.
After a period of travelling around the world, working all sorts of jobs, mainly in hospitality industry I finally found my new home here in beautiful south of England. I’ve been very lucky to be able to start my own dog walking business called Mudepaws which has be running for nearly 10 years. It’s been a dream come true to work with animals, especially with dogs and working outdoors is definitely my preference, also being my own boss.
Soon after starting my business I felt I wanted to better myself with more knowledge to help me understand these amazing creatures. I started by studying Canine Psychology at Kingston Maurward College and have completed a few K9 first aid courses. I’ve completed Level 3 Canine Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement as an online course and passed with distinction. I’m currently awaiting my results of an assessment to become a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).  I have also attended many seminars and practical courses to do with different types of canine behaviours.
5 years ago, my partner and I decided we were able to provide a forever home to a rescue dog. We were looking for many months to find the right one to join our family and then Cleo arrived here from Greece where she lived on the streets of Preveza. She has been my sunshine ever since, despite her obsessive desire to hunt down every fluffy little animal.
I met Denise in one of her evening talks about dog behaviour in March 2019. She’s very knowledgeable and easily approachable and I felt she’s a person I could learn from. So I picked up my courage and went to talk her. She very kindly allowed me to sit in and watch her and Jo’s Saturday classes. Soon after, Denise offered me a position on Saturdays the St. Ives venue. I am now a full member of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers). I thank Paws in hand for this opportunity to better myself and to help fellow dog owners with training their pups.  
I dream that everyone and every dog should deserve to be understood and have a loving, mutually beneficial relationship with each other. My aim in life is to help people improve their communication and to achieve harmony and happiness with their dogs.