Dog related educational courses

Posted Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I provide educational workshops for canine professionals such as dog trainers, groomers, rescue staff, vet nurses, vets, kennel staff etc. These courses are suitable also for people who own dogs or plan on owning dogs. Once you have completed the course you will be given a certificate as evidence of CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

Courses I currently run are:

Interpreting Canine Body Language - Aggression

Running the behaviourally Aware Puppy Party

Why does my dog? Bark and show aggression (these can be run as separate sessions).

If you are a vet and would like me to run one of these seminars at your veterinary clinic please contact me on 01202 861340 , 07764 250554 or as I am happy to run these courses in house.

Some comments from the last course:

“I found the worksheets, photos and advice very useful and I enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere”

“Well presented, super content. Would be interested in other seminars”

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I learnt a lot of useful information and body language. I would definitely recommend this to others”

“I will feel safer doing my job now”