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What makes kind people use unkind training methods on their dogs?

Let me start by saying that I am what is known as a crossover dog trainer. This means that when I first started out tra…

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Lockdown puppies

Never have there been more puppies about and never have so few had any training or formalised socialisation.We are headed …

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Adolescent female dog behaviour

When talking about problem behaviour during canine adolescence most people think about male dogs and the effects on their be…

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My puppy doesn't like me having a visitor to my home

As Covid 19 lockdown is relaxing I am already starting to become aware of some issues coming to light.There are now many p…

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Why I think regulation of the dog training industry is important.

For many years there has been debate about regulation of the dog training and behaviour industry. The government even create…

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Why is dog breed important?

As a dog behaviourist I obviously deal with a lot of different dog behaviour problems across a large selection of different …