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So your puppy is a nightmare, but please don't give him up!

Its distressing but not surprising to hear that in Ireland already rescue centres are taking in unwanted puppies purchase…

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Dog Training Fads

Dont get me wrong training your dog through play is a great way of training as they are attentive. Anything we enjoy we te…

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My dog has suddenly started showing aggression

The effects of maturity on behaviour Another day at the office. Ring ring ring ring Hello my dog has suddenl…

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Why are some behaviourists cheaper than others?

Why is there such a difference in prices when you research hiring a dog behaviourist? Firstly if you see a professional and …

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Why sending your dog to boot camp might not help with inter dog issues

If you have a dog who doesnt seem to know how to behave around other dogs it can be overwhelming. It can be tempting to bo…

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Common mistakes in dog training

As a professional dog trainer we can very quickly see where training might be going wrong. One common reason that dogs are u…