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How to raise puppies to be the best they can be.

There is no doubt there are a great deal of dogs with quite severe behaviour problems. When Covid hit I knew we were in for…

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Dogs and the Environment. 5 tips to Reduce Your Environmental Paw Print

We all have dogs for different reasons such as companionship assistance dogs they help us with our work etc. It is not for…

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Covid lockdown dogs and Christmas

You need to think about your Covid dog this Christmas because many pups acquired during lockdown will never have been accusto…

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Are street dogs the same as rescue dogs

If you are considering getting a street dog you may want to know whether or not street dogs are the same as a rescue dog. M…

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Puppy Training - Can you over train a dog?

So you cant wait to welcome your new puppy - exciting times But what about puppy training? Now youre worrying …

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What makes kind people use unkind training methods on their dogs?

Let me start by saying that I am what is known as a crossover dog trainer. This means that when I first started out tra…