Dog Behaviourist Services

Professional dog behaviourist registered with regulatory body, ABTC

Denise Nuttall is a qualified, experienced and fully insured registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a registered Animal Training Instructor specialising in dogs and covers Bournemouth and Poole areas.  You can check to find her listed on ABTC (Defra recognised regulator for the industry), Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, and The Canine Training and Behaviour Society. As a member of the APBC, most insurance companies will accept Denise's credentials and reimburse you for her dog behaviourist services.

Denise holds a M.Res (Master's degree in Research Science with distinction - Dog Cognition and Forensic Psychology),  B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour and also an advanced diploma in companion animal behaviour and training, DipCABT (Coape). She has been working as a dog behaviourist on referral from local vets for 17 years.

Denise deals with any dog behaviour problem, especially aggression and anxiety. Many dog behaviour problems can be caused by medical conditions which is why she must work on vet referral. Aggression and anxiety especially can be caused by pain, gut issues, endocrine disorders such as thyroid problems and Cushings, Addisons etc. It is, therefore, essential your dog is referred to Denise by a vet.

What to expect from a dog behaviour consultation

There are two types of consultation available, Zoom, or in person (when not in lockdown). Both require a veterinary referral for Denise to be able to proceed.


In most cases, it is not necessary to have an in person consultation. The cost of a Zoom consultation is significantly cheaper as Denise does not have to factor in travel time, real life observation time, and fuel costs. The Covid situation has shown that, in fact, most behaviour consultations work better via Zoom than an in person one for the following reasons:

  • The client sends videos of the behaviour prior to the consultation. It is not necessary to observe the behaviour in person, and in fact, during an in person consultation, the dog's behaviour often changes due to the presence of a stranger.
  • Follow up sessions are more accessible and can be as short as half an hour. This is because in person visits consume more time for Denise to get to the client and the costs of travel time and fuel have to be factored into this. This makes follow ups more affordable.
  • Coaching is delivered live via camera and the emphasis is on teaching you how to do this, not showing how a qualified behaviourist can do it. 
  • The dog learns more easily as he is not distracted by someone new in his environment.

The cost of a zoom consultation is £290.00 which consists of about 7 hours of time (payable on booking) and consists of:

  • Pre consultation information gathering. Questionnaire and video footage, vet history evaluation
  • The consultation. 1.5-2 hours Zoom consultation setting the treatment plan with training
  • A bespoke report.The report is not copied from other reports and is bespoke to you ensuring you only have to do what will change the behaviour problem.  Each case requires a different approach depending on the dog and the owner
  • Follow up appointment from half an hour at £30 for half an hour, or £60 an hour.
  • In person follow ups at £70 p/h plus 0.45 p per mile 
  • Option of classes for inter dog aggression - see below

In person follow up is available as are outdoor classes as required. 

In person follow ups are charged at £70 per hour plus mileage at 0.45 p per mile if return journey is over 20 miles. Classes are the standard price of a course. 

In person consultations

In person consultations cost £480 (payable on booking). Most people who seek in person consultations want Denise to observe the behaviour in person. The cost is greater than Zoom because of extra time involved in travel and due to the need for a longer consultation to assess the behaviour in person. Training is delivered in person and the quality of this is really no different than via camera as Denise will still be coaching you how to do this. Denise recommends the Zoom consultations but in person is available if required after lockdown.

  • Pre consultation information gathering. Questionnaire, vet history evaluation.
  • The consultation. Approximately 3 hours +
  • A bespoke report.The report is not copied from other reports and is bespoke to you ensuring you only have to do what will change the behaviour problem.  Each case requires a different approach depending on the dog and the owner.
  • Follow up appointments minimum appointment one hour, depending on distance travelled at £70 per hour plus mileage at 0.45 per mile.


In person follow ups (available for Zoom and In person consultations)

Home visits are £70 per hour plus mileage of 0.45p per mile for journeys over 20 miles return. 

If you visit me in Ferndown, the in person rate is a flat £50 per hour as I do not need to travel. Half hour sessions at £25 are also available if you travel to Ferndown. 

Inter dog aggression

Following a behaviour consultation Denise can offer ongoing support via attendance to outdoor classes designed to gently expose your dog to other dogs and for you to be able to practise the skills covered in your behaviour consultation in a safe environment. There are a variety of different options from one to one to reactive dog classes, or other outdoor classes. This would be discussed during the consultation. Prices range from £16 per class to £60 for 30 minutes for a private session (two trainers and a dog present - more serious cases). It depends on what your dog needs. 

Insurance and payment

It is standard practice for clients to pay the behaviourist direct who will then provide a receipt for service so that this can be claimed back from the insurance company. Sometimes the vet completes the insurance claim, sometimes the behaviourist depending on the insurance company. 

Due to the nature of our service, payment is required before the consultation as we offer a service, not a product and a service cannot be returned. Again, this is standard practice for registered clinical animal behaviourists. 

Where are consultations available

Online consultations are available nationally

In person consultations are available in, Bournemouth, Poole, Broadstone, Corfe Mullen, Christchurch, Ringwood, Ferndown, Wimborne, Blandford, West Moors, Verwood. 

Problem dog? No problem! Just give Denise a call on 01202 861340 or 07764 250554.