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Welcome to Paws in Hand Dog Training and Behaviour®, established in 2004 in the Bournemouth area by Denise Nuttall B.Sc.(Hons) Applied Animal behaviour, M.Res Dog Cognition and forensic psychology and dog behaviourist for BBC Radio Solent since 2010.

We have a super range of different puppy and dog training classes to suit all needs as well as professional dog behaviourist services. We have a history of delivering good quality training and service.

Denise Nuttall is a full member of the APDT(00963), APBC and TCBTS. Using only ethical methods of training, Denise is registered as a clinical animal behaviourist (dog behaviourist) with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Trainers Council), which is recognised by Defra as regulator for the industry. If your insurance covers behaviour, you should be able to reclaim costs of dog behaviour therapy with Denise.

Denise has been a professional dog behaviourist and trainer for more than 16 years and has worked with in excess of 20,000 puppies and dogs during this time. Denise specialises in problem prevention with puppies and rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, especially dogs that are aggressive to other dogs. Many local vets recommend Denise’s dog behaviourist services. 

Due to coronavirus, we are now offering professional and effective live online coached small group (4) training classes as well as outdoor classes following Covid 19 safety procedures. 

Our puppy and dog training classes have been carefully constructed, are highly effective and have been very well received. Denise also offers dog behaviour counselling and 121 training via Zoom. Please see the following genuine feedback about our online puppy classes from a client:

Lockdown - THE worst time to get a puppy. No real opportunity for physical socialisation with people or dogs! Even for experienced dog owners like me, this was going to be a challenge, as lockdown was taking away so many opportunities we would simply just take for granted. I was fortunate to already have signed up for classes with Denise and Martin at Longham, having attended a couple of their socialisation sessions. I liked how managed those sessions were and how knowledgeable Denise and Martin were, so I was really looking forward to the group classes. But, and rightly so, they were cancelled. Then came along virtual sessions via Zoom - really I thought, how were they going to help or work, but I needed something so in I plunged, somewhat apprehensively and slightly, if not. naively sceptical. 

Technology easily sorted, the small group of puppy owners started weekly sessions with Denise at the helm, who showed videos where helpful and talked us through a variety of exercises, which, in turn, we performed via Zoom and received incredibly helpful and  constructive feedback. Each week, fully structured and sign posted at the outset, with a group Facebook page for us to share videos, questions, problems and successes. Denise's patience and behavioural knowledge has been second to none, as has been her support and empathy for us puppy owners at this difficult time. Zoom has proved to be a really useful "environment" and I'm beyond pleased I went with it and have now "met" a lovely group of like minded people. My puppy's training is going really well and I know Denise will be there to support us in these unprecedented times, as well as answer any questions I or the group have.My lesson - TRY IT!

We feel that, whatever your needs: puppy training, dog training or dog behaviourist services, Paws in Hand® is here to hold your paws and hands. 






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