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Paws In Hand

Welcome to Paws in Hand Dog Training and Behaviour®, offering dog behaviour, puppy training and dog training services.

Paws in Hand® was established in 2004 in the Bournemouth area by Denise Nuttall B.Sc.(Hons) Applied Animal behaviour, M.Res Dog Cognition and forensic psychology. 

Denise's dog behaviourist services are available anywhere in the United Kingdom via Zoom and she has established a highly effective system for supporting and coaching remote clients even with the most complex cases. 

Denise Nuttall is a full member of the APBC - Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, and TCBTS - The Canine Training and Behaviour Society.

Using only ethical methods of training and behaviour modification, Denise is registered as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (dog behaviourist) and an accredited Animal Training Instructor with the ABTC - Animal Behaviour and Training Council, which is recognised by Defra as regulator for the industry.

If your insurance covers behaviour, or complimentary therapies, you should be able to reclaim costs of dog behaviour therapy from your insurance.

Denise has more than 18 years experience and has trained in excess of 50,000 puppies and dogs during this time. She also has a good working knowledge of autism and ADHD enabling her to work well with dog owning families with SEN children. Sometimes these families need more support and understanding than families with neuro-typical children. 

Whatever your needs: puppy training classes, dog training classes or dog behaviourist services, Paws in Hand® is here to hold your paws and hands. 






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